Setting Goals for Happiness

Plantdreams is for creative ventures, entrepreneurial or community or personal developments; any mission that you want nurtured. Goal setting and project launching are ways we set ourselves up for more of the things that make us happy. I want to be a writer. Writing makes me happy. One goal I've set for myself is to write more. So I've made my blog into one of my projects. Thus, I'm moving forward.

Even side projects are projects, and even goals we set around the house are goals. A goal doesn't need to be hard to attain, or even take copious amounts of effort or time. Where I am right now, there's a severe drougt. Today it rained, so I made a goal to catch as much water as I could using containers found in the house or garden. I even put garbage bags in laundry baskets. I've now got nearly fifty gallons of water for our veggie plants. Big whooping ding right? Now I made a goal, did the work, and it was fun.

That's what I'm talking about. Having a goal sets us in motion.

Most of our motions are geared toward some goal, naturally.

You lift your arm because you want another sip of water. I did the dishes, because I have set a goal in my life to have a fairly clean kitchen. Setting goals is really just part of being alive, conciously and/or subconciously.

Now that we've admitted to being goal setters, we can go ahead and look at which goals we want to write down, which ones we want to share with others, and dedicate ourselves to doing the work. Pick work that you enjoy. That'll make it easy. 

Goal setting get's a coach of it's own: Process.
Budda reflects on goals

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