Budda reflects on goals

 Goal setting at plantdreams is only partially about getting the desired.

More so, let's set our goals so that we may live with purpose,

and practice right use of will. Let's create a life style that we design.

Choose your mission, with goal setting.

Gautama Buddha discovered that the direct causes of suffering are desire or craving, and ignorance.

Goal setting is a way to point us in a direction, and to choose our destination. Embrace the current situation.

Remember that neither the map or the arrival are the journey.

Set a goal to focus on each step along the way,

especially the steps you are taking right now.

Even the act of contemplating the possibilities,

exploring our interests, and finally, choosing what we want to do,

even these experiences can be rewarding.

Perhaps even more rewarding than attaining our goals.

"miserable is the man who's dreams have come true,

for he no longer has anything to wish for" - who said this? and what's the exact quote??

We can find pleasure in knowing that we have goals,

we have set ourselves on a path,

and we are headed towards an outcome,

but we're not there yet. This is fun!

When we do hit the mark on a goal we set, well,

let's take a look at the world from there,

and when we're ready-

why not set some new goals?

Setting Goals for Happiness

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