How to find a mastermind group

To find a mastermind group you should first consider what type of group would be a good fit for you. But also think about how you can be a good fit for the group, because the reason you want to find a mastermind group is not only that it will be good for you and your goals, but also so you can empower others to attain their goals. The mastermind group effect is when all participating parties are bouncing ideas off each other, brainstorming, and all contributing feedback and tips and suggesting resources or references, it is a snowball effect of each member contributing to the goals of each other.

If you want to know how to find a mastermind group, you can start with meetups in your particular interests or niche. is a great resource for finding such events, and you can find a mastermind group in the people you meet there. You don't want to find a mastermind group with anyone that will be your competition. For instance if you sell potatoes on main street in Middletown, you wouldn't want to share your business ideas with another person who also sells potatoes on main street in Middletown. But, you could find a mastermind group of produce sellers, or find a mastermind group of main street merchants. That other person who is your direct competition would only be a good mastermind alliance if he or she were to partner up with you and sell potatoes together, or strategically on different locations. Then you could talk potatoes.

You can invite others to join your mastermind group after you have built some rapport. Or you might just send out a million invites to a mailing list and then consider all applicants until you find a mastermind group member list that is hand picked from interested parties.

You can meet potential members at:

  • Parties
  • Product launches
  • Community events
  • Church
  • Seminars
  • Book Releases
  • Workshops
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Online forums
  • Via associates
  • Or an add in the local paper!

- "Seeking to find a mastermind group of like minded individuals who are motivated and actively creating social change. Call 800-123-1234" -

There may already be mastermind groups meeting monthly in your town or city. You can also have virtual meetings with any conference calling software or even just on the phone. You don't have to find a mastermind group that is within driving distance to you. You can find your members and invite them onto for keeping contact and mutual support going between meetings. You can share your goals and habits and projects for your mastermind group to really know what you're up to so they can provide encouragement, advice, essential knowledge that you may not have, or even contribute some other way.

Take initiative to find a mastermind group. Bring together people you already have relationships with, think of your online network and your professional and personal networks, think of who you know that might want to meet monthly or even weekly to have fun and discuss the goals and endeavors of each member in the mastermind group. Once you find your mastermind group you'll flourish and thrive with the goal setting and brainstorming support of your peers. 

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