Team Building and the Ally (part one)


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Whether you are embarking on an epic adventure as a modern entrepreneur or simply wanting to achieve a goal, the practice of building a team of allies can greatly impact your chances for success.

Here's to you, mastermind! 

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The term "ally" has gathered a good amount of traction within the activism realm. However, I would like to ask you to set aside any (positive and negative) connotations of the term "Ally" for the brief length of this article - for the purpose of considering yourself an individual capable of building a team regardless of where you stand in relation to the hierarchy of identities.
Let's even the playing field. What do you say?
Team building can apply to any goal or objective that you want to accomplish. Generally speaking, things tend to get done a lot faster and more efficiently when there is more than one person assigned to the task. That is, if the team is cooperating successfully.

Whether your goal is as complex as starting a business or as simple as inspiring your family to clean the house, I hope this article provides you with some fresh ideas to get you going!

Defining Team Building

Building a team can look like gathering a group of like-minded individuals whom are interested in working toward a common objective. The practice of team building can include a wide range of activities focused on building positive relationships or finding solutions to overcome challenges.
A team can appear however it needs to for the purpose of achieving a goal or fulfilling a mission. The objective will determine the needs that the team must meet in order to be successful.

Your team can be a large group of people of different sizes, colors, and lifestyles or as small as just two individuals determined to get along! There are no rules to limit the image of your team. 

Defining Ally

To become an ally means to unite! The term "ally" has been used historically to refer to nations that sign treaties in agreeance to support one another in times of war. We can observe how countries have formed alliances to successfully protect themselves by creating a strong team, thus ensuring peace within the bounds of their own lands and preventing catastrophic tragedies. Go team!!
The importance of the ally in terms of progressiveness in the workplace is an increasingly relevant topic of discussion as the business and social environments of our world are becoming more integrated and diverse. These are exciting times to be an entrepreneur!
It does not take a genius to build a team.However, it takes skills to manage one.
Does a team of individuals working together automatically become a team of allies?
Let's explore this idea together!

Even if your team is not working for the benefit of a paycheck, designing the roles of each team member with the idea of being allies in mind can open doors to possibilities not otherwise explored. 

Here are some examples:

Consider a team of young students working together on a group project. For the purpose of playfulness, let's imagine them as youngsters ages 7 or 8 years old in an elementary school setting. The teacher has assigned the objective of creating a product for a market of peers their ages. Before the children can decide on what type of product they want to create, they must come together as a team and agree to cooperate.

This is the first step essential to any successful team venture, right? So, we can assume that the students are united when they begin to brainstorm product ideas and discuss possibilities for what they can accomplish, working together.

Let's take this idea a bit further!

We can evolve the young students into business people ages 35 to 45 years. Now, we have a team of specialized individuals whom need to come together to decide how best to market the new product their company has designed. Each member of this team has a well developed education within their own field of expertise. What does this look like?

Each member of the team is present and engaged as they are all aware that they each hold valuable information needed in order to find the best way to reach their collective goal. This team is united. Success!

Now, we can take one step further yet. . . 

Let's imagine there is a global issue which several representatives from nations must come together to brainstorm solutions.  We can think of many issues, right?

For the purpose of relativity, let's consider the idea of waste removal and recycling within industrialized nations.

There is a current need for development in this area as nations are facing some of the most frightening global challenges in waste management history!

NPR reported on June 28, 2018, that China has now banned the receiving of recyclable plastics from all foreign countries in an effort to protect the environment and the people's health. Before then, this was how nations including the United States recycled. That means. . . "By 2030, an estimated 111 million metric tons of plastic waste will be displaced because of China's new law. . . This is equal to nearly half of all plastic waste that has been imported globally since 1988."  Wow. That's a staggering number!

(visit the source article here: )

This issue is effecting many industrialized countries, which means that global citizens within these nations will inevitably have to come together to find a solution in order to protect our oceans and wildlife from the threatening effects of continued toxic waste buildup. 

How will WE find the best solution? We need a team of allies! Don't we?

What do you think this team will look like? 

If you are interested in brainstorming creative solutions on this topic, please leave a comment below - at the end of this post! I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Maybe we can start building a team right away!

Thank you for taking a moment to think about global challenges. I know that can be a lot to think about. 

Let's get back to more information about team building and the ally . . . 

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