Team Building and the Ally (part two)


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This post is a continued brainstorm on thinking of team building in terms of forming groups of allies. To read from the beginning, to get specific examples and definitions, follow this link: ( )

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 Embrace the Mastermind Within

You are the mastermind of your intention! 

Whatever the purpose behind your team, regardless of the scope of your project, you can design activities and situations that will bring forth creative solutions and positive relations. Here are some ideas:

  1.  Team Building Exercises

Many companies and organizations use physical activities to bring team members together. Some groups refer to these as "ice breakers," or something along those lines, as activities intended for individuals to get comfortable with the idea of working together as a team. After basic introductions, members will unite in a short goal oriented activity to demonstrate to themselves, to each other, and to their supervisors that they are capable of working together. 

When the group accomplishes the goal, the confidence of each individual and their position within the team will raise significantly! They will feel more connected in the shared success of their accomplishment.
A quick internet search of "team building exercises" will reveal many resources available for designing your own activities if you are in need of further inspiration. You, mastermind, have the creative freedom to choose the exercises your team will perform.

Some important points to consider when designing team building exercises may include:
  • ​ Make sure that all members of the team are able to participate.
  • Ensure that there is a clear goal for the exercise communicated and understood by all members of the group. ( Otherwise, this will have the opposite effect of what you are wanting to achieve by excluding members. )
  • Be sure to keep the greater goal of the exercise in mind and make certain that the exercise will accomplish that goal (such as bringing the group together in a more harmonious nature than before).

2. Communication is Key

Of course, if your team is able to have regular or occasional meetings in person, this is the most effective way to build personal relationships that will make teamwork run smoothly on a consistent basis. If this is not a possibility, conference calls over the phone or through video chat are generally acceptable for meetings.

Humans are creatures of habit. So, consistency is important when you are thinking in terms of longevity. Think about how long your team will need to work together to accomplish your goals. What is the biggest goal? 
And, does everyone on the team have a good awareness of what all of your goals are?
Your team will gather and look to you, mastermind. We must be aware, as leaders, that people generally have very full and vivid lives as individuals, regardless of their identities. Hence, we must also be mindful as to how we are using everyone's time while speaking to an entire group. 

In order to keep a positive stance as a leader of any kind, we must be conscious about:

what we are saying,

how we are speaking,

and whether or not what we want to say is even necessary for everyone to hear.

When speaking to a group in person or in a video type setting, we must also be very conscious of our body language and how our communications are being perceived by everyone within the group or audience.

Just about everything about the way you communicate matters, especially if you are in a leadership position.

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

It's likely that you've heard this very famous saying sometime before now. This proverb originated in the mid 16th century and essentially means that those of similar nature tend to come together. This has proved to be consistent in human nature. Therefore, assembling a group can be a natural process.

Whether it be age, culture, heritage, interests, or ideals. . . Common grounds can become strengths within a group. However, gathering a group of like-minded individuals can pose weaknesses if there is not enough diversity. Differences between members of the team can also become strengths.

It is essential to consider all possibilities when designing a team of masterminds in order to produce the best outcome. If you limit your team's ability to connect and communicate effectively because of individual differences, you will only be limiting yourself in the end. So, be mindful!

How BIG is your team?

The size of your team will likely reflect the size of your goal, naturally.

It is truly amazing what one mastermind is capable of accomplishing alone. Add a second mastermind to create a team, and the accomplishments can become twice as great or even greater. Imagine what three, four, even five masterminds can accomplish together!

The greatest strength of human beings as a species and the very reason we have managed to survive as long as we have is our ability to work together! Evolutionarily speaking, we need each other. And so, we must all ways give thanks for our team! Whether your team is a group of professionals all gathered at a meeting table or a wide range of individuals spread out across the world, gratitude is in order.

Without the contribution of each and every member of the team, things would not turn out as great. If things need to be adjusted to meet the goal, that's where you come in, mastermind. Thank you for stepping up!

We sure are grateful for you here at PlantDreams. Your initiative is making quite a difference. We see that and we encourage you to continue on your path of greatness. Keep going! You can do it! You got this!

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