Clients - individuals with a dream.

  • Clearly define your vision
  • Use s.m.a.r.t. goals along the way
  • Share your dreams and goals for social support and
  • Get accountability by letting everyone know the plan
  • Plug in with others who have similar goals and
  • Plug in with the support you need

Advocates - Helping indiviuals establish and maintain support.

  • We'll all do some of this and we'll look for partner agencies who specialize.

Consultants - Experts available to assist on aspects of a mission.

Project Managers - To help teams keep organized for forward progress.

Coaches - Trained professionals who support the dreams of others.

  • Attract new clients
  • Build your reputation
  • Use the tools to support your clients
  • Setup your own mastermind groups
  • Listing in the directory
  • Contract for shares of companies/projects launched on FastTrack*

Freelancers - Find work on PlantDreams community projects. Make your freelancer profile to attract clients.


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