Brainstorm.. Lightning.. Ground...

Inspiration comes and we're so full of ideas. The possibilites keep flooding our mind, swirling around like an infinite menu of futures. The energy builds and builds, then either moves on and dissapates, or becomes so intense that a stroke of 'eureka' like lightning flashes in front our eyes and raises the hairs on the back of our neck. Poof! We've got a vision. We break our vision into a series of goals. We set our intentions and connect to the material plane because the electricity was built up enough to seek grounding. Let's meditate on this for a moment..

(Image thanks to PublicDomainPictures)

Even as the lightning needs to ground, so too does the plant need to grow with solid rooting.

Lightning and roots look strikingly similar.

The grounding that takes place in nature is essential to hold it together. Same is true for our life, to our nature.

In order to create our life design, we need to have an outlet to ground our visions into reality. To 'plant our dreams'. It has long been known that writing down the goals we set helps insure that we'll remember them, stick to them, and contemplate choices in light of them. Sharing our goals helps us ground even more, because the roots are reaching out and holding onto the solid ground of the individuals that are like rocks in our life- they give our goals something solid to stabalize and integrate with.

There are more than enough goal setting tools available online. There are apps. There are paper workbooks. Plantdreams is not just about goal setting. It's about grounding. It's about connecting to the resources you need to grow those goals with solid reinforcement from each other, from those who specialize in 'being the rock', and it's about unfolding and holding it together as a destiny oriented community. 

Mastermind Groups
"Wheel of Life" Goal Discovery System

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