Hello, My name is Joe 'omni' Kneeland, and I'm the guy who built this site for people to share their goals, projects, etc and to support each other and work together towards progress using the tools in a spirit of community. The site is brand new! You are among the first of human eyes to lay upon it. I invite you to use it for free as a 'beta' user, and I ask that you please provide any feedback and bug reports (there are bound to be bugs at this point) by posting in the plantdreams forum. Suggestions for improvents are warmly welcomed:)

The Story:


It was a long six months in Santa Barbara, California. I was living in my VW vanagon, stuck more or less because my son was there. I became part of an ad hoc guerilla crew who knew the ins and outs of creative survival techniques in the city. Non of us had jobs, all of us had ambition, and all of us had creative ideas for projects and productivity outside the normal realm of employment. We were not alone. In this particularly sunny city there are thousands of homeless people. One thing I notice time and again about the homeless and the generally unemployed peoples of the world is that most everyone is capable, and lives with a human need to create and contibute. 

The thing about hope and spirit is that it needs an outlet.

Economics is shifting from a world where jobs rule the day to a world where we all need to create a path for ourselves that will ensure a sustainable development of our own design. That's when I got the idea for an online platform that will bring individuals together with coaches, entrepreneurs together with a team, and the inspired with those who know how to proceed.

Plantdreams isn't just for small business owners! Anyone can run goals and projects here :)

When we brainstorm with people who know us and our business, ideas come from not only other individuals but also from a 'group mind' which has powers beyond the lone ranger. Even as we talk about our goals and projects with our friends and family, in the mood of fishing for ideas and inspiration, we see how powerful this can be. Many have said that every successful entrepreneur has a mentor.  Plantdreams is here to bring that together, along with friends and team mates, to support the dreams of all to a process of unfolding into reality.