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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 00:18

Brainstorm.. Lightning.. Ground...

Inspiration comes and we're so full of ideas. The possibilites keep flooding our mind, swirling around like an infinite menu of futures. The energy builds and builds, then either moves on and dissapates, or becomes so intense that a stroke of 'eureka' like lightning flashes in front our eyes and raises the hairs on the back of our neck. Poof! We've got a vision. We break our vision into a series of goals. We set our intentions and connect to the material plane because the electricity was built up enough to seek grounding. Let's meditate on this for a moment..

tree-164025 640

(Image thanks to PublicDomainPictures)

Even as the lightning needs to ground, so too does the plant need to grow with solid rooting.

Lightning and roots look strikingly similar.

The grounding that takes place in nature is essential to hold it together. Same is true for our life, to our nature.

In order to create our life design, we need to have an outlet to ground our visions into reality. To 'plant our dreams'. It has long been known that writing down the goals we set helps insure that we'll remember them, stick to them, and contemplate choices in light of them. Sharing our goals helps us ground even more, because the roots are reaching out and holding onto the solid ground of the individuals that are like rocks in our life- they give our goals something solid to stabalize and integrate with.

There are more than enough goal setting tools available online. There are apps. There are paper workbooks. Plantdreams is not just about goal setting. It's about grounding. It's about connecting to the resources you need to grow those goals with solid reinforcement from each other, from those who specialize in 'being the rock', and it's about unfolding and holding it together as a destiny oriented community.

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Friday, 14 March 2014 03:02

"Wheel of Life" Goal Discovery System

Zig Ziglar invented and made famous this useful method to discover and evaluate your true dreams in life.

Grab some 'scratch paper', follow along with the slides. It'll help you find your true dreams.


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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 04:59

Goal setting get's a coach of it's own: Process.

Setting goals has recently undergone a major evolution. Namely, in how we apply it to actually pull things off.

We now understand that focusing not on what we want, but on how we're going to get there is a naturally more powerful mindset for actually getting there. This has shown tremendous results in my own life, having applied the method and contemplated it deeply since reading online of the new revelation. Somewhere I read that studies show visualization of process is more empowering and motivating than visualization of the goal as complete. This is deep and revolutionary.

Visualization Goes To the Way

Remember all the talk about imagining yourself driving a Lamborghini , or at the head of a fancy table as ceo of a big successful company and how you can imagine how that feels to be directing that many resources toward the vision of the organization and how you're the one who's calling all those shots. We were told to visualize our lives as we'd like them to be, visualize ourselves as healthy, happy, wealthy, confident, or the proud new owner of an Olympian gold metal.

Some problems were found with simply visualizing the desired outcome.
Most frustrating, is the fact that the minds eye and what's really happening in our immediate surroundings don't line up. This can lead to low morale, lack of motivation, and a general cognitive dissonance. That method for matching the brain to the intent is not debunked. It is now expanded into a more inclusive visualization process. Therapists and coaches are using this more and more to connect people to HOW they are going to achieve a goal.

The key is to visualize the process

Try this exercise: Pick something in your life that you'd like to accomplish. For instance, creating a beautiful painting. Now, imagine a painting hanging on the wall, a masterpiece that You created and had your heart and soul exposed there hanging in painted immortalization. Imagine all your friends and family drinking wine in your living room and telling you how amazing of an artist you are. Or just imagine yourself looking at the completed work and feeling content and happy at the creation. Let yourself soak in the feeling of having done the work. Feel good about the accomplishment for a moment.

Now take that feeling, that sense of having good feelings about what is complete. Put yourself in the shoes of that moment, and ask yourself "What did I do exactly to get to such a wonderful state of completion?" and go through it in your mind, in as much detail as you can muster. You may have gone out of your way to make sure you had a space that was quite and sunny for a few hours each Tuesday to paint in solitude, picked up the specific colors that you needed at the paint store, sketched out your concept before hitting the canvas, told your neighbors you wouldn't make it to the bbq because your Tuesdays are committed to your art..,, etc.

This helps to connect us to the path underfoot, and not just stand gazing at the castle at the top of the hill as if we'll be transported.

How we get there implies that we have a destination. So goal setting is still a major key.

I know visualization can bring about magical results through the power of attraction,

and then a pile of cash in your third eye might be the key to getting paid.

But I'd bet a path toward financial freedom based in stability is built on concrete actions.

Any thoughts?

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 04:18

Budda reflects on goals

Goal setting at plantdreams is only partially about getting the desired.

More so, let's set our goals so that we may live with purpose,

and practice right use of will.  Let's create a life style that we design.

Choose your mission, with goal setting.


Gautama Buddha discovered that the direct causes of suffering are desire or craving, and ignorance.

Goal setting is a way to point us in a direction, and to choose our destination. Embrace the current situation.

Remember that neither the map or the arrival are the journey.

Set a goal to focus on each step along the way,

especially the steps you are taking right now.



Even the act of contemplating the possibilities,

exploring our interestes, and finally, choosing what we want to do,

even these experiences can be rewarding.

Perhaps even more rewarding than attaining our goals.

"miserable is the man who's dreams have come true,

for he no longer has anything to wish for" - who said this? and what's the exact quote??

We can find pleasure in knowing that we have goals,

we have set ourselves on a path,

and we are headed towards an outcome,

but we're not there yet.  This is fun!

When we do hit the mark on a goal we set, well,

let's take a look at the world from there,

and when we're ready-

why not set some new goals?

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 03:35

Setting Goals for Happiness

Plantdreams is for creative ventures, entrepreneurial or community or personal developments; any mission that you want nurtured. Goal setting and project launching are ways we set ourselves up for more of the things that make us happy. I want to be a writer. Writing makes me happy. One goal I've set for myself is to write more. So I've made my blog into one of my projects. Thus, I'm moving forward.

Even side projects are projects, and even goals we set around the house are goals. A goal doesn't need to be hard to attain, or even take copious amounts of effort or time. Where I am right now, there's a severe drougt. Today it rained, so I made a goal to catch as much water as I could using containers found in the house or garden. I even put garbage bags in laundry baskets. I've now got nearly fifty gallons of water for our veggie plants. Big whooping ding right? Now I made a goal, did the work, and it was fun.

That's what I'm talking about. Having a goal sets us in motion.

Most of our motions are geared toward some goal, naturally.

You lift your arm because you want another sip of water. I did the dishes, because I have set a goal in my life to have a fairly clean kitchen. Setting goals is really just part of being alive, conciously and/or subconciously.

Now that we've admitted to being goal setters, we can go ahead and look at which goals we want to write down, which ones we want to share with others, and dedicate ourselves to doing the work. Pick work that you enjoy. That'll make it easy.

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