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Kunena® Forum is an open source project that requires the dedication and investment of personal time from various contributors. This version has been made possible by the following contributors :
The Kunena Team would like to thank the community for its help and support. We also appreciate the hard work of everyone who have translated Kunena into many other languages. In addition we would like to thank many members of www.kunena.org, past and present, who have contributed and helped make this a more stable and bugfree version.
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Newest CrowdFunding Projects

by Omni Dyami Kneeland


Started on 06 October 2017. Ending on 10 November 2018.

Goal: $500.00. Funded: $0.00.

testing crowdfunding
testing crowdfunding
by Joe

testing crowdfunding

Started on 10 July 2017. Ending on 31 July 2018.

Goal: $100.00. Funded: $0.00.

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