Everyone is a free agent, and is supported in cultivating right livelyhood, right living and life path.  Through organized and consistent application of efforts, visions are solidified into reality with amazing zeal.


PlantDreams is here to help cultivate a community of support for individuals, teams, and communities in the intentional unfolding of our chozen missions.  We connect the dots between coaches and clients, consultants and startup concerns, team builders and team members alike, and we provide online tools for communication, project management, milestone tracking, and organization synergy.

Aims:-Connect people to facilitate strategic forward progress.

-Define, map, and support people on achieving dreams/goals.

-Help everyone who wants to be productive find that right channel.

-Accelerated development of specific projects and shared visions.

-Team building for strategic partnerships in business and community.


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Newest CrowdFunding Projects

by Omni Dyami Kneeland


Started on 06 October 2017. Ending on 10 November 2018.

Goal: $500.00. Funded: $0.00.

testing crowdfunding
testing crowdfunding
by Joe

testing crowdfunding

Started on 10 July 2017. Ending on 31 July 2018.

Goal: $100.00. Funded: $0.00.

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