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Please answer these few quick questions. ! BE SURE TO READ THE README ON THIS PAGE !


We are a group of independent contractors and community organizations working together in gardens, greenhouses, landscaping, masonry, remodeling, painting, web development, virtual assistants, administrative tasks and more as the need arises.  We started out as a loosly knit group of friends who all hired each other whenever one person had too much work and the other had too little. It's a great way to stay busy. This is gig based employment, pay is sometimes from us (independent contractors) and sometimes direct from clients. If you bring in clients to anyone in our network you always get a commission!


We are currently accepting applications for handyman, laborers, gardeners, plant specialists, garden and landscape design, permaculture consulting, canvassing, incoming sales, and administrative assistant. Preferred candidates will be open to and interested in multiple roles. On the job training may be provided. Work is getting very busy so we're looking to build the team. If you're motivated and work hard we'll do our best to keep you plugged in. Please keep this in mind.


Our system is designed to offer assignments to not only the most qualified but also the most active associates. We track this using a points system, whoever is on the list with the most points gets the call first when help is needed. To get more calls for work, accept and show up for assignments as they are offered to you. Remember this simple mantra, work leads to more work. Client feedback is also considered when awarding points. We issue bonus points for hours performed in a volunteer position for designated community projects, as this also helps us get to know you and your work styles/abilities, so let us know if you're interested in that.


Some of the opportunities offer pay in alternative currencies and barter (most are cash/check paying). If you are interested in being included on the list for gigs that pay bitcoin, trade credits, community currencies and barter please indicate this on the form. You will be awarded extra points for satisfactory completion of gigs that pay in alternative ways as we encourage each other to pursue and utilize creative economics. 


 After you submit your application, please join the 612 Freelancers group on this website to get alerts when work opportunities arise. You're invited to also introduce yourself there, ask any questions, and reach out if you need helpers on a project (we'll try to suggest good candidates, that's what we do). Thank you for joining our small business network of independent contractors, we look forward to working with you. We always try to have fun while getting the job done!